Emmanuel Oberabor

Result oriented professional with a track record of delivering valuable insights, improving data quality, and enhancing decision-making.

Welcome to my Portfolio.

Data Analysis for E-commerce Expansion Strategy

Detailed analysis of a rising e-commerce company's operations by scrutinizing customer behavior, sales trends, and the impact of regional marketing initiatives. My approach involved examining a sample of 15,000 entries from the company's CRM system and performing statistical analysis on a 500-entry dataset to evaluate the credibility of CRM data and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. My work culminated in a PowerPoint presentation that played a significant role in reshaping the company's marketing strategy, leading to improved campaign targeting, data quality enhancement, and stronger customer loyalty programs.

Mortality Analysis 1990 - Present with Excel & Tableau

Developed a Tableau dashboard to analyze mortality rates for a client in the healthcare sector. This encapsulates a multifaceted data analysis project that delves into global health challenges over recent decades. The project encompasses trend analysis, data cleaning and transformation, statistical evaluation, correlation studies, and geographical data representation.

Insights from the Past: An In-Depth Analysis of World War II Data

In this project, I specialized in transforming CSV data into Excel formats suitable for Tableau, emphasizing data cleansing and normalization for accuracy and readability. My focus was on detailed data manipulation, including reformatting dates and addressing data inconsistencies, and enhancing datasets by adding new analysis columns. I ensured the precision of author names and highlighted key contributors, culminating in creating impactful Tableau visualizations that transformed complex data into a coherent, engaging narrative.

Statistical Analysis | Data Analysis | Geospatial data correction

Cleaned, transformed and normalized data from an Excel sheet into SQL, performed a variety of statistical analysis and data scrutiny, including trash collection specifics, geospatial data correction, group activities, and date errors, then transferred results back to Excel for detailed visualization in Tableau, involving calculated fields and optimized map-based representations.

Database Dynamics: Macro-Driven Analysis of Horse Racing Data

I've developed a sophisticated Excel-based tool that automates the conversion and analysis of race data. Utilizing advanced macros, I've streamlined the process of importing and restructuring complex datasets from PDFs into actionable insights, uncovering the fastest horses and critical performance metrics. My role includes meticulous data validation, trend analysis, and crafting dynamic visual reports, all powered by bespoke VBA scripts.

Strategic Outcomes of Survivor: A Data Analysis Project (Seasons 1-43)

Leveraging my proficiency in data analytics and visualization tools, I crafted a sophisticated Excel dashboard for a leading supermarket chain. This was achieved after scrupulously analyzing the store's data, thereby transforming inscrutable data points into a compelling, user-friendly, and dynamic interface that enables insightful decision-making. This dashboard epitomizes the synthesis of data analytics and visual design, providing an intuitive, visually appealing platform for data-driven strategic development.

Advanced Manufacturing Financial Modeling and Efficiency Metrics in Excel

This project demonstrates a high level of proficiency in Excel, showcasing the ability to translate complex visual data into comprehensive spreadsheets for cost analysis and production planning. The work exemplifies exceptional skill in data manipulation, cost calculation, and the research required to support manufacturing and financial analytics. It highlights my talent for precise calculations and deep research, culminating in superior financial analysis and cost management strategies.

Integrated Project Tracking and Reporting Interface

Developed an extensive project management tool designed to track and manage tasks, inventory, and resources across multiple projects and teams. Crafted an intricate Excel-based system that enables efficient management of due dates, task priority, status updates, and assignment delegation to optimize workflow and productivity. Engineered a dynamic dashboard providing at-a-glance insights into task completion, priority levels, and inventory checks, enhancing decision-making capabilities for project leads. Pioneered an automated reminder and status system to ensure timely completion of tasks and to facilitate smooth project transitions and updates. Spearheaded the design of a user-friendly interface that simplifies the tracking of project milestones, resource allocation, and managerial oversight.